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Genetco was established in 1971, is one of the largest and most diversified company in Trade, Engineering & Facilities Management in Sultanate of Oman              100% Omani Company              GENETCO is customer focused and service oriented and certified to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) & ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)              Registered with Tender Board as Grade Excellent              Everyone In Genetco Services The Customer Or Someone Serving The Customer

A Buildings Life Cycle

From scheme inception with insight into customers needs, innovative brief development, customised design, tried and tested delivery models and refresh programe Genetco can be involved in every stage of the cycle to give the customer absolute certainty of delivery.


Making the Vision Reality 

Buildings design is key to unlocking its full potential. Whilst sound architectural and engineering design is essential, a buildings success depends hugely on taking into account, from the outset, the specific operational and maintenance issues each facility will face throughout its life cycle. 


Building for the Future 

Meeting the challenges of demanding infrastructure projects is about a meeting of minds. So the first thing we build is consensus through framework agreements and negotiated relationships. We achieve this by constructing long-term relationships that increasingly employ open-book arrangements to deliver supply chain transparency and demonstrate the added value of our co-ordination, planning and management role. 


Controlling Our Destiny 

Our delivery begins with the detailed understanding of your project requirement and the application of unique, market leading service models. Genetco successfully integrates people, processes and technology to deliver a sustainable service solution through a dedicated service infrastructure. Genetco meets the challenges of mobilising, managing and motivating geographically diverse national workforces to maintain a unique service culture delivery. 


Maintaining the Standard 

An all inclusive schedule of sustainable and continuous improvement is critical to maintaining the success of any building. Accredited systems and processes ensure the planned, condition-based and reactive maintenance is safe and efficient. Quality control using advanced audit technology allow for precise, real time performance analysis. 



A New Dynamic 

Stimulating design can enhance the customer experience. Our abilities to managing new-build or refurbishment projects enable our clients to keep ahead of this incessant demand. Our practiced efficiencies here can do so much more to refresh the whole experience. One of our key skills is working alongside clients in a live working environment, planning the activities to maximise opportunities while delivering high quality improvements.


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