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Ice Plants

Flake Ice Generator

  • Flake Ice ideal for sea foods preservation, meat processing etc
  • Dry and sub-cooled at -5°C
  • Production capacity from 500 kg to 50 Tons per day.

Ice Storage Orbital Silo

  • 2 to 15 Ton storage capacity automatic silos, operates along the FIFO mode (First in / First Out).
  • Preserves the quality of ice. Made of food-compatible materials.
  • Does not contaminate the ice.

Containerized Ice Plant

  • Medium and large capacity containerized ice plants.
  • Easy to transport and to install on site.
  • Sheltered form the wind and rain.
  • Simple heavy-duty and economical.

Ice Compactor

  • Ice extraction mechanism for large capacity storage.
  • Heavy duty, proven and reliable.
  • High instant delivery speeds.
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