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Managed Print Services & Solutions

    Ø Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is the outsourcing of the management and continual optimization of your document output fleet and related business processes.

Managing your own print infrastructure and processes is a costly and time-consuming drain on resources.

Document production is typically one of the biggest expenses for an organization, costing up to 3% of revenue. Yet many organizations don’t have the time, staff or expertise to effectively monitor or manage their print environment.

By the active management and continual optimization of your print infrastructure and related business processes through our Managed Print Services solution you will save money, increase efficiency and improve your productivity.

With everything taken care of by our experts, we improve your print infrastructure now and on the long term and remove the day-to-day hassle of document printing so you can get on with what you do best.

In short, it’s a way of re-focusing attention on your core business. Leaving print related activities in the hands of Canon, your trusted experts.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Hard copy and electronic documents remain integral to today’s business communication. However, document production is a significant business expense - costing up to 3% of revenue.

According to studies*, only 20% of the print costs are visible costs. If you are unaware of your real costs in this area or lack the resources and expertise to tackle them, Canon Managed Print Services (MPS) can help.


1.                     Reduce your costs

With Canon MPS, we work with you to understand exactly what you are spending on print and where you are spending it. This information can then be used to design a print solution that will cut costs and reduce inefficiencies. In fact, Canon MPS has already helped customers to reduce print-related costs by up to 60%. With regular reviews we ensure that your ROI will be achieved and your targets are met now and in the long term.

2.                     Increase productivity

With someone else managing your print service for you, you can free up valuable staff time, helping them focus on business-critical activities. Canon MPS also ensures devices are used at their optimum level and can deliver business process improvements that will increase productivity across your organization.

3.                     Heighten security

Since security breaches can damage your brand and result in severe fines, it is protection that pays dividends in the long-term. A Canon MPS audit will reveal potential improvements to endpoint print security in your infrastructure. We can then implement enhancements so you can keep information away from those not authorized to see it, as well as achieving regulatory compliance.

4.                     Improve sustainability

By rationalizing your print infrastructure and helping you change and monitor print behavior, Canon MPS will help you reduce waste, and cut the energy and paper consumption of your devices. In addition, with our regular reviews to assess your environmental impact, and our latest Canon technologies we help you reduce your carbon footprint on the long term.




 Ø Device Management  


Canon's intelligent and proactive eMaintenaince service saves you time and money by automating the time-consuming tasks needed to administer your Canon networked devices, leaving you free to focus on more pressing activities.


Maximise business continuity, increase device up-time and minimise the costs and headaches associated with device administration. Canon's eMaintenance is a new breed of device management solutions.

·   Instant email notification of faults or performance issues often before you would even know there's a problems

·   Automatic meter readings and accurate billing

·   Automatic monitoring of maintenance requirements and performance

·   Online portal for checking and managing networked devices

·   Suitable for most Canon imageRUNNER multifunction devices

·   Easy consumables management (for example, receive a notification when toner is low)

·   Automated fleet management

·   Canon Online Meter Reading Service - registering your device to eMetering

For the More technically inclined


    Canon's eMaintenance remote device management solution provides much more than just taking the hassle out of service and meter reading. eMaintenance is comprised of three key components:


·   Meter Reading: the automation of meter readings. The MFD sends its meter readings to Canon without any manual intervention.

·   Faults Reporting: the automatic notification of faults. When a fault occurs on a device, Canon Customer Care receives notification in the form of an e-mail.

·   The fault information sent from the MFD is accurate, enabling Canon to send the right technician, with the right parts, at the right time.

·   Consumables Management: the management of toner. Your device will operate more reliably due to monitoring and prevention of anticipated problems like zero stock replenishment levels.



    Ø Document Accounting


Are all those printouts each day really necessary? Do you know who is printing what and whether they are using the most appropriate devices?

uniFLOW is an integrated print, scan and device management solution designed to increase cost control, improve productivity and get the most out of your Canon and third party device fleet.

This award winning solution has helped businesses across multiple industries and sectors to realise significant cost savings and increased staff productivity, all through one solution platform.







UniFLOW has a modular and configurable design enabling it to be scaled to all types of businesses. From large corporations and SMBs, to education and Government departments, uniFLOW will help simplify and optimize how documents are printed, copied, scanned and faxed across single or multiple office sites.One integrated platform to manage the office print and scan infrastructure, as well as the corporate print room Scalable to any size to provide flexibility regardless of your business growth or changes Modular architecture to allow the benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business Integrated platform to connect to your backend systems, such as SharePoint and Therefore, to provide your business with gains in productivity.

As well as multi-layered reporting, cost accounting, secure follow me printing and rules and routing, uniFLOW can provide even greater control over how documents move around within and outside of your business place.

    Ø Reporting on usage – with uniFLOW you can account for all costs, savings and the environmental impact of printing, copying, faxing and scanning. Reports can be further broken down based on individual, device or division usage to provide you with the means to control and track your fleets usage costs. 

·   Security uniFLOW allows users to send their documents from anywhere and have their job printed only when they are physically in front of the device. At any networked device, users can login using their swipe card, pin, username & password, or mobile device to access their print queue, copy, scan or fax. Users can print in the office or on the road via email, mobile app, Google Cloud Print and other Cloud based solutions, knowing that uniFLOW is able to receive their job, identify the user and place it in their secure print queue for retrieval at their own convenience. 

·   Rules, Routing and Custom Workflows - uniFLOW manages the flow of documents through business to achieve benefits such as reduced usage costs, better print outputs and increased productivity. To reduce costs, larger jobs can be routed away from costly single function devices and converted to black and white. For better print outputs, users can have brochures routed to the in-plant print room for the best results. To increase productivity, documents scanned at the device, with the push of one button, can be routed via customized workflows into document management systems, cloud based storage, network folders or can be sent to an email or mailing list, reducing the time spent on routine administrative tasks. 

·   Scan to Cloud destinations – uniFLOW allows users to securely scan, process and distribute documents around the organization, which improves productivity and ensures compliance. With uniFLOW, you can take advantage of scanning to Could destinations including Box, Google Drive, Drop box, Evernote and Microsoft OneDrive. Administrators can easily create workflows for these cloud-based systems using wizards, which have been created specifically for this purpose. With uniFLOW you can also scan to several document management systems/enterprise content management systems including HP Worksite (HP Autonomy), FileNet Content Manager (IBM), Content Server (OpenText), Alfresco and EMC Documentum. 

·   A true Universal Print Driverallows users to print through a common user interface regardless of the make or manufacture of the device.  This means one driver for all print jobs and ensures the best print output for the user. For IT managers, managing one print driver results in a huge cut in administration work and subsequent service calls. 

·   Mobile printing from anywhere - uniFLOW removes the issue of printing from mobile devices by enabling staff and guest users to print from mobile device apps, email, internet and desktop without compromising security, job quality or cost accountability. The user can authenticate themselves and release their print job from any device, regardless of where the job was sent to or from. This increases workforce mobility and ensures all documents are still securely stored for authorised printing. 

·   SmartClient to meet a specific customer infrastructure - uniFLOW offers a solution to customers with a distributed, multi-site infrastructure to still print securely and track costs without the need for local print servers in each office. This offers an opportunity to customers for a significant cost saving related to buying and maintaining print servers while being able to track print cost.

·   Multivendor support with the uniFLOW Release Station The uniFLOW Release Station is an easy to use tough screen with an imbedded card reader that can be attached to any printer irrespective of the make and model. It offers secure printing, follow me print, and cost centre selection. With this the Release Station, you can provide a universal interface on all of your devices for your entire office, and track copy and print cost with ease.

·   Advanced Scanning powered by industry leading compression - uniFLOW enables users to capture and automatically send documents into back end systems, such as document management systems, or to their personal folder. With industry leading compression technology, uniFLOW can compress these documents up to 50 times their original size without compromising quality. uniFLOW can also convert documents into editable formats such as Microsoft Word and capture barcodes and meta data for indexing. 

·   Sensitive Information Security - Though businesses have stringent data security policies around their desktops and mobile devices, printing copying or scanning highly confidential business information also presents huge risk to organisations. uniFLOW can monitor all device activity, retaining images of documents with trigger terms such as ‘Highly Confidential’. Once uniFLOW detects an unauthorized person attempting to print, copy or scan this document, an alert can immediately be sent to management with a record of the job and an image of the file. Not only does this provide an excellent audit trail, it gives peace of mind that a new level of document security is in place across their business.


   A well controlled scanning and print environment allows staff to power through jobs, increase    overall output, and spend more time on revenue-generating tasks; whilst facilitating a secure and cost effective environment for the organization. 

    Ø Document Management


Therefore is like an electronic filing cabinet for all     your business information.

   It lets you capture, organise and access content,      images, documents, reports and other vital    information with superb efficiency. Stored    information can be swiftly and easily located via a   universal interface, or even the web. And because it’s    so user-friendly, all your employees can start utilising         it immediately, with minimal training and zero frustration.




Therefore™ gives you the ability to scan documents and import electronic information from hard disk. Both barcode and OCR recognition are supported and can be used to quickly index documents, split batches and process automatically.


Therefore enables you to manage documents via an automatic routing system. This allows staff, suppliers or even customers (with your expressed permission through secure logins) to share information, collaboratively and remotely – all in real time. Therefore™ can manage all file formats, including paper documents, barcodes, emails and electronic files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs. And employees can easily manage information remotely from their smart phone or tablet with the Therefore mobile app.


With Therefore, you can edit a document while others view it simultaneously – with no interference. Therefore’s highly effective workflows allow secure approval processes on the move, so that you can make decisions on the go and take collaboration to the next level. Therefore smoothly integrates with your existing workflow and with its powerful workflow functionality, you can configure how information is routed throughout your organisation and control what tasks are done, and how long the process takes.

This powerful feature allows you to create multiple workflows. Editable templates allow you to visualise processes, and the drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transform paper-based workflows into streamlined digital ones


Therefore allows you to use full-text or index search. So even if the key word you are looking for is only available in a pdf document, you are able to find it thanks to the market-leading OCR engine built in the system. It also enables you to retrieve captured documents to be saved as either a searchable PDF or PDF/A. Text can be quickly and easily searched, and documents can be indexed for full text searches.


·   On Premise version – The server is on your premises and your IT department manages the infrastructure and maintenance.


·   Cloud version – called Therefore™ Online – hosted in the cloud. Canon offers Therefore™ Online as a service, where instead of paying a large amount upfront, you pay monthly subscription fee based on the number of licenses and storage space you require.





Therefore: A secure platform for your business documents

With Therefore, critical information is completely secure and highly accessible, even by remote workers. With Therefore™ Online (cloud version of Therefore™) your data is backed up at regular intervals and is monitored diligently to prevent information from being compromised.


    Ø Print Intelligence


iW Management Console is a network device management system where multiple devices connected to the network can be centrally managed using a Web browser.


• Manage all Canon and other manufacturers' devices that comply with the Standard Printer MIB

• Automatic device set-up and updates

• Automatic device monitoring and alerts

• Optional plug-in's to utilise additional functionality

Once installed on a customer's network it quietly manages devices in the background and when attention is required iW Management Console will send notification, in the form of an email, to the person responsible for the device.

At any time an IT Administrator can view the status of a device, manage device settings using automated tasks and communicate with other users. It is even capable of installing and managing Canon & third party networked devices.

 Ø Print Intelligence

We know printers, we know supplies. We present to you the perfect match. 

After 80 years in the media business we have developed supplies for all major printer brands both mono and colour, large and small format for a wide ranging and ever increasing number of applications. 

Our paper, toner, ink and consumables are extensively tested and approved to ensure consistent quality and value; a brand and product you can trust to support your business.

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