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As part of our ongoing commitment to protect our employees and customers and in line with the directives set by the Supreme Committee for dealing with Corona Virus, Genetco Service Centers shall remain temporarily closed from March 25th until further notice.

We are committed to helping our customers during this time and if you have any urgent request or need of information, please visit our website or contact us as we will be providing continuous updates for any further changes.

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Skyworth unveils 8K TV at CES 2020

China's leading TV manufacturer Skyworth unveiled its first 8K TV and a wallpaper-thin OLED TV on Sunday at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's premier tech show, in Las Vegas. The two products will be available in global markets in 2020, Tony Wang, CEO and president of Skyworth TV, told a press conference.


With four times higher resolution than 4K, the 8K TV, the Q91 series, allows viewers to see realistic image quality combined with intelligent performance.

The new 8K TV adopts an 8K IPS LED hard screen, which arranges the liquid crystal molecules horizontally, offering wider viewing angles, faster response and more. It maintains a consistent and clear image from any angle, so the picture maintains color and optimal brightness, according to the company.

The bezel-less 75-inch screen enables viewers to enjoy unrestricted viewing with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The wallpaper-thin OLED TV, the W81 and W81 Pro, is designed based on inspirations from the thin and light qualities of paper. At only 4.6mm thick at its slimmest point, the OLED screen seamlessly attaches to the wall.

With Dolby Vision, an ultra-wide viewing angle, expert image calibration, blue-light filtering for eye health and other technologies, together with Dolby Atmos immersive audio, the W81 series offers great entertainment experience for viewers, according to Skyworth.

Wang said Skyworth expects to become the brand that leads the consumer electronics market of the future, offering 8K TVs and flagship-level OLED TVs, among other differentiated products, that meet the demands of the growing middle class.

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