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Go Truly Wireless with the Latest Lineup of Exceptional In-Ear Headphones for Every Listener from JBL®

JBL expands roster of true wireless headphones, perfect for workout enthusiasts, adventure seekers and music lovers alike—all with secure fit, JBL sound and hassle-free connectivity

True wireless headphones are gaining popularity. This year, JBL continues to stay ahead of the trend, adding multiple options to its existing true wireless lineup. Whether sweating it out at the gym, climbing a mountain or commuting to work, JBL has a true wireless headphone option for everyone.


For any music enthusiast looking to make the break from wires and neckbands, the JBL TUNE120TWS in-ear headphones are the perfect musical escape. With JBL’s Pure Bass Sound and easy access to a voice assistant, listeners can conquer the day however it suits them best—whether calling friends, commuting to work, or while fully immersed in a favorite song or podcast.

These truly wireless headphones take it up a notch with a fashion-forward design. Trendy colors options and a sleek design will let any music fan show off their headphones, in style. Additionally, the JBL TUNE120TWS headphones offer 16-hours of combined battery life and are always ready-to-go with its speed charge capabilities of 1 hour of power in just 15 minutes.

JBL TUNE120TWS will be available on in three color options—white, blue and black

Features of the JBL TUNE120TWS:

  • 1.JBL Pure Bass Sound

  • 2.16-hours of combined playback time

  • 3.Compact 12-hour charging case

  • 4.Hands-Free stereo calling, connect to Google Now or Siri with a simple touch

  • 5.Ergonomic fit and design

  • 6.15-minute speed charging capabilities for 1 full hour of battery life


For any athlete looking for a sport headphone to survive their latest workout at the gym or outdoors, JBL’s newest addition to the ENDURANCE series is the answer. With the same durability and comfort as the rest of the JBL ENDURANCE Line - RUN, SPRINT, JUMP and DIVE headphones, JBL ENDURANCE PEAK differentiates itself as a truly wireless option for outdoor use with 28-hours of combined playback time. Athletes will love the JBL ENDURANCE PEAK’s completely wire-free experience, touch controls and PowerHook™, making it an ideal headphone for the gym, running or hiking, no matter the weather condition.

The JBL ENDURANCE PEAK is available now on in black, blue, and red colors options.

Features of the JBL ENDURANCE PEAK:

  • 1.JBL Signature Sound

  • 2.28-hours of combined playback

  • 3.TwistLock™ and FlexSoft™ technologies

  • 4.PowerHook™

  • 5.IPX7 Waterproof

  • 6.Rugged 24-hour charging case

  • 7.Hands-free calling

  • 8.Full-function touch control

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