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As part of our ongoing commitment to protect our employees and customers and in line with the directives set by the Supreme Committee for dealing with Corona Virus, Genetco Service Centers shall remain temporarily closed from March 25th until further notice.

We are committed to helping our customers during this time and if you have any urgent request or need of information, please visit our website or contact us as we will be providing continuous updates for any further changes.

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Oman Energy & Water Exhibition (GREE Solar Powered Air Conditioners)


The Oman Energy & Water Exhibition was held at Oman convention and exhibition center from1st to 3rd May. The expo was designed to create a platform for stakeholders to discuss real issues and solutions to the energy and water challenges and opportunities in Oman

Genetco was a part of this expo with GREE make photovoltaic VRF and Centrifugal chillers.

Gree photovoltaic direct driven inverter VRF adopts high efficiency direct driven inverter compressors, which has opened a new era of energy saving air conditioners with leading all inverter technology. Gree photovoltaic VRF and Centrifugal cooling systems have the inbuilt feature of utilizing solar power to the extent possible supplementing with grid power if there is a shortfall. In corollary the option of getting credit for excess power generated by supplying to the grid subject to the service provider allowing the same.

The panels can be installed on the roof top or parking lot typically providing for lower heat gain through roof by shading the same reducing the cooling load requirement and providing for a shaded parking in case the parking lot is utilized for the Gree solar panel installation.


Gree Solar powered VRF has a  capacity range is 22.4 KW – 134.0KW; 8HP to 48HP, there are a total 18 models. Due to its wide capacity range and flexible combination it can be widely used in large office building, workshops, large shopping malls, and related commercial locations, and can be used in villa and other related house hold locations. For the centrifugal chiller range the panel configuration can be customized to the space available to make the best use of the solar radiation.

Below are the typical images of installation of the solar panels.

Curtain Wall


Typical Villa


Sky Dome


Roof Top Panels


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