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JOB TITLE : MEP-Planning Engineer


DEPARTMENT : Engineering Projects Division


REPORTING TO : Project Manager




⇨Degree in Mechanical or Electrical engineering discipline.

⇨Minimum 10 Year experience in scheduling construction work of a complexity Projects and at least Five (5) years’ experience using Primavera Enterprise and Primavera Contract Manager.

⇨Must be competent in the use of the programming software (Primavera PE6 minimum) and possess a good knowledge of the type of work required to be performed in the Project.

⇨Shall be thoroughly trained and experienced in preparing and analyzing of construction schedules and cost using Primavera Enterprise and Primavera Contract Manager Software.

⇨Shall be skilled of preparing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) and Activity Codes.

⇨Shall be talented to prepare detailed schedule incorporating the final BOQ, design phase interface, procurement schedule, to clearly convey the extent of the scope of work.

⇨Shall be able to list activities of specific and measurable elements of work. Durations for each activity shall be calculated using productivity rates.

⇨Ability to prepare Program Schedule Logic using:

• Retained Logic Option in calculating the schedule. Logic of interdependencies shall be based on constructability and not on preferred working logic. 

• Activities shall be logically linked in accordance with the planned sequence of works.


⇨ The Planning Engineer shall be capable to issue the Project Schedule with the following:

•Key dates, Milestones, interface and handover dates.

•Mobilization and Securing of Permits.

•Supplier and subcontractor prequalification submission and approval

•Material submission and approval.

•Procurement, fabrication and delivery of the materials especially long lead items (delivery exceeding 3 months) and the on-site delivery and / or partial delivery date of all plant and major construction equipment.

•All on site works, including preliminary and temporary works.

•Each activity shall be represented by a description to a specific part of works, which will permit easy and accurate identification (element, location, equipment, item, document, prototype, sample, essential permit/approval etc.

•Any works related to “Provisional Sums/Items” and necessary for successful completion of the overall scope of works to be allowed for within the detailed program, including dates at which necessary approvals are required from Engineer.

•Installation of temporary construction facilities.

•Design and Build Items related to specific scope of works to be included with detailed activities and integrated logically for coordination, review, approval, procurement, testing until final acceptance etc.

•Show in respect of all services, the detailed activities representing the coordinated completion, performance and other testing, balancing and certification required by legal authorities and as necessary under Contract.

•Interfaces with Utility Agencies and other contractors: Testing and commissioning of facilities including the necessary milestones for inspection, certification, obtaining permits and clearances by the approval authorities. Any outside influence which will or may affect the progress of the Works, e.g. utilities to be supported, relocated or otherwise affected by the Project Schedule.

•Testing and commissioning MS validated by integrated commissioning agent. Operation and Maintenance manual, training schedules. Final project close-out documents.

•Work Items of other Approving Authorities such as but not limited to Civil defense, Municipality approval and Plant Certifications etc., shall be included in the program.

⇨ Shall be capable to prepare Program Narrative with the following as minimum:

The narrative shall describe the Project plan and approach for the execution of the Works in meeting specified key dates, milestones, handover dates, submission dates and any intermediate dates.

The narrative shall incorporate outline method statements in respect of major items of work including construction/installation sequences, construction equipment, temporary works, tests and the like.

The main logic links and how activity duration is established shall be explained. This shall include estimated quantities, production rates, working hours and a list of major construction equipment planned for use on the Contract. The equipment list shall include type, number of units, unit capacities and a schedule showing the proposed time each piece of equipment will arrive on site.

The number of work teams, their make-up and deployment at each location shall be given. 

Corrective measures to resolve the criticality of critical and near critical activities shall be evaluated. In this regard, activities which are resource driven but may be expedited by working extended hours or additional shifts, deployment of additional construction plants and construction re-sequencing shall be addressed.

Where the works are split into zones and blocks for programming purposes, such zones and blocks shall be clearly defined by diagrams to be included in the narrative.



⇨ During the Project life cycle, the Planning Engineer shall at least perform the following:

Three (3) Months Rolling Program showing the activities over a period of Four (4) months. The first month shall show the actual progress achieved prior to the progress cut-off date and the rest shall show the forward planning in the next Three (3) months.

Weekly Rolling Program, shall include detail all activities in progress or due to commence within the next Four (4) weeks of the program issue date.

Recovery Schedule, In the event of substantial schedule slippage or out of sequence of works relative to the accepted Baseline Program. The Recovery Program shall identify which activities and milestones that are affected and demonstrate the plans to recover his present delays with focus to justify that delays are caused by others.

Prepare monthly update of the Program to verify the actual start / finish dates and completed percentage of each activity in the Baseline Schedule with the actual progress on site.

Monthly Report progress including as minimum Narrative, Primavera Report for Earned Value, monthly progress update, Updated Progress S-Curve, Updated Resource Charts, Diagrammatic layout plans showing physical progress and respective KPI for activities and key materials with tables/charts, Digital progress photo, Commercial Report with updates, QA/QC and HSE updates, Risk Management Matrix with updates, any other item requested by the Engineer/Main Contractor.

Procurement Status Report, shall include list of materials and resources procured, indicate the date/quantity required (with required in yard dates) against the actual date/quantity procured.

Project Close Out Report, submit a historical and statistical “Project Close-Out Report” include a brief description  of the scope of works, basis of design, and design parameters, overall contract schedule, organization charts, contractors progress curves, histograms, Variation Order details (if any), Key Personnel Contact list, Project Assets List with details in Engineer Approved Format. Along with summary of issues during execution of works (if any), mitigate measured applied to resolve issues, lessons learned etc.

Attend meetings with the Engineer and other parties concerned when required in order to review schedule status and progress of works.

Any other related job as assigned by superiors.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System: Understand, promote and comply with HSE policies, procedures and practices throughout the work area to prevent injuries, illness and property damage. Understand HSE risks associated with the work area thru proper risk assessment and corresponding control measures. Promote and practice safety first and accident prevention. Take action on dangerous situations, hazards, non-conformities and incident reporting. Give assistance in correcting unsafe practices, investigating accidents and taking corrective and preventive action. Supervise Lockout & Tag out (LOTO) during electrical work, wearing of PPEs, Emergency Response and Safety procedures & practices, procedures and policies. Communicate to all staff the requirements and compliance of HSE.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System: Manager – Responsible to demonstrate: Context of the organization, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance evaluation and Improvement clauses along with his full team.

Note: we are looking forward to recruit from local market with NOC only.
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