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Genetco News


Genetco, the Distributor of Gree Electric appliances Inc. is proud to announce SOLAR POWER Air-conditioning System for the Oman Market. In the age of energy conservation and austerity it is required to think seriously of Energy saving and cost control. This is the Future.

The photo voltaic technology has been adopted for the already highly energy efficient VRF system which are fully  with  inverter technology  including the indoor motors.   The VRF offering has been amalgamated with photo voltaic technology to achieve 98 %  utilization of photo voltaic power.  Approximate area of solar panel required for
1 TR of air-conditioning is equal to 9 Sq M of solar panels.  In the event of surplus solar power, after meeting the air-conditioning requirements, the same can be put back in to the power grid.  The transfer from solar to grid  power takes place in milliseconds without interrupting the performance of the system.  The solar power VRF is available from 8 HP to 48 HP,  with total of 18 models.

Gree  also is the only company to launch the first photo voltaic DC  inverter centrifugal Chiller in the world.  The excess   power from the solar panels, in this case also can be brought back to the grid. On the other end of the commercial line of air-conditioning products, Gree has a range of  Package  Units, starting from 4 Tons to 90 Tons.  Ducted units starts from 1 Ton to 25 Tons. The package unit offering is of both refrigerants i.e. R22 and R 410, which is environmental friendly.

Gree manufactures all products for chilled water segment from AHUs to FCUs in wide ranges.  Gree manufactures Chillers, Scroll, Screw type, both water cooled and air cooled, up to 350 TSR and Centrifugal Chiller up to 2500 STR

The products are certified by major certification agencies like AHRI, Eurovent, VDS, JQA, SASO  and many other regional  certification agencies across the world.   The testing  of the products are done  in UL  listed labs.  

It is worthwhile mentioning that Genetco  have installed across the Sultanate of Oman more than 5000 Tons of Gree GMV5 VRF Systems, which ranges from  4 HP to 88 HP, single system.

Through Genetco with Gree, customers get with high confidence the most reliable product with a technology of the future.

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