Close down all service centers

As part of our ongoing commitment to protect our employees and customers and in line with the directives set by the Supreme Committee for dealing with Corona Virus, Genetco Service Centers shall remain temporarily closed from March 25th until further notice.

We are committed to helping our customers during this time and if you have any urgent request or need of information, please visit our website or contact us as we will be providing continuous updates for any further changes.

Home Appliances service Centre
Muscat Mr.Tahir 94108901
Upcountry Mr.Ajith 96073602
Sohar Mr.Ishara 79011371
Ibri Mr.Arun 94301203
Nizwa Mr.Assad 94301168
Sur Mr.Sujeeth 96740692
Salalah Mr.Narayana kutty 96311602

Centralised call log number for receiving service complaints and queries.



Canon service Centre
MUSCAT 95646154 80070003
SALALAH 95145986, 92090752
NIZWA 96743404
SOHAR 96148301, 95646525

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Genetco News

GENETCO LLC:HITACHI -Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purification System

GENETCO in association with Hitachi Consumer Middle East has been bringing to the discerning Omani customer the premium range of residential split air conditioners   for the past many years. These Hitachi air conditioners provide a best in class cooling experience even with ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius. Hitachi's room air conditioner not only provides a refreshing cooling experience but also brings value added health benefits to the user. It has the air refreshing system called the   ‘Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter' which is arguably better than plasma filter. Wasabi is often seen in Japanese restaurants offering Sushi and Sashimi and in well known for its sinus clearing spicy taste. The pungent component of Wasabi too has a strong anti-bacterial effect.

The new Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purification system is a cutting edge technology that uses a Wasabi modified Nano Titanium catalyst to provide powerful:

• Anti-bacterial• Anti-mould• Anti-allergen and• Deodorizing benefits.

As would be expected of an organization such as Hitachi, quality and efficiency of the products is imperative and of the utmost importance. Hitachi prides itself on meeting the highest international manufacturing standards and insists on using 100% metal housing to enclose and seal tightly its electrical and electronic components. This ensures there is virtually no possibility of fire spreading and thus not pose any safety hazards to customers.  Hitachi continues to innovate with products engineered for a better world tomorrow.

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