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CEO Message to Genetco Team for 2020

I wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year. Every end marks a new beginning and I hope for the beginning of the New Year that you shall keep your spirits and determination to achieve success.

I am proud of Genetco, I am proud of our team, and I am happy that we have created the foundation of a successful and sustainable future.

2019 was a very difficult year, however, and although our financial statement is behind budgeted, we have achieved good results considering what most other companies in Oman have suffered and the market in general being severely impacted. This achievement was possible only because of your hard efforts, loyalty, and commitment to your beloved company. I hope we all accept that your success and prosperity and Genetco’s success and prosperity go together.

Every end of year I highlight main aspects needed to have your attention in reflection of overall strategies to our daily activities. This year we need to strategically focus on “Collections” as this might be the single variable that can cause severe damage to our performance and overall results and achievements.

Obviously providing excellent “Customer Service” and being “Customer Focused” remain the backbone of our success, but no matter how successful we are in providing quality products and quality services, we will remain at serious risk if we fail to collect our dues in time.

Therefore, my direction and instruction for 2020 is for ALL including managers and division heads to gear their efforts on following up with collections. We have a saying in Arabic
ما ضاع حق وراءه مطالب
Which means that no rights would be lost as long as there is someone following up and demanding for it.

This clear instructions MUST be implemented and exercised without fail and without wearisome as one of the most serious mission for the whole company... The same applies to Top Management and to all teams and staff each in his area. Escalations and Company Policies in this respect should also be made clearer to all concerned and the same must be followed strictly.

I again insist on adherence to company policies and procedures and protecting company interest while we strive towards excellence.

I wish you a Happy and successful 2020 which can happen only if we manage to have successful Collections while achieving Budgets.

Best regards to all
Dr. Muthanna Al Durrah

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