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Bitzer Award to Genetco for Best Partner

Genetco has been honoured with the prestigious award of Best Overseas Partner 2016 by Bitzer during Bitzer AVP Professional Conference at Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam on 24th May 2017. 

Bitzer is a global leader in manufacturing & marketing of Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors & Condensing units with whom Genetco has partnered for its Cold Rooms & Refrigeration business. This award is given to their partner among South Asian Countries, Southeast Asian Countries and MENA Region Countries.  Genetco has met and surpassed the selection criteria of this award and has clearly demonstrated outstanding performances during the year. This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, quality and continuous improvement of Genetco.

Some of the major projects executed by Genetco during the year 2016 with Bitzer Original Manufactured Equipments are Omani Integrated Logistics Services (ILS Oman) Warehouse at Barka, Enhance Group Warehouse at Salalah, Al Reef (Choitrams Group) Warehouse at Sohar and Gulf Mushroom Products Company at Barka & Salalah.


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